Quarantine Quantum Time Shift

MAY!! That just cannot be possible. We only just had our New Year’s Eve party about a month ago. At least it feels like it was only a month ago. What happened to the last 4 months? We had our New Year’s party, I went on a few business trips, then the pandemic struck, we went into lockdown and then I suddenly y realized it was May. My mind reeled as I sat on my patio this morning drinking my matcha green tea watching the cardinals peck from the bird feeder, the horses graze lazily in the paddocks, and the bulldogs lounge in the morning sun. 

I wasn’t even sure what day of the week it was. I have become completely disconnected with the concept of weekdays vs weekends, weeks or months, etc. My days still start with my morning meditation, journaling and stretching, then matcha tea on the patio, then a shower, breakfast and I’m ready to sit at my desk at 8am. I’m one of the fortunate ones and still have my job. Unlike many who were suddenly thrust into a manic dash to set up a ‘professional home office’, I have worked from home for over 20 years – well before we were required to shelter in place. The main thing that changed for me was not having to travel anymore.

Now on weekends instead of unpacking my suitcase, doing laundry and repacking ready for the next trip, I find myself working in the garden, finishing my novel, planning where my chicken pen will go, walking the dogs and even napping on the sun lounger. When your movement is restricted due to circumstances outside of your control, you have two choices: embrace the home fully or go crazy. I chose to embrace wholeheartedly my time at home.

I now have an amazing garden-as long as I can keep the slugs at bay and the javelinas out. I have great plans for the rest of the land as well. I’ve identified which plants I want along the west fence and which ones can go in the rock garden. I’m nurturing the peas, squash, beets, celery & herbs that I’ve been growing for the past several weeks and are now ready to be transferred to the garden tubs.

I wonder how my sense of time got so disconnected from the important things in life. Instead of notching up another meeting, deadline or business trip, I am measuring the passing days by how much the sweet peas have shot up or the fact the wind no longer has a bite to it and I’m now wearing tank tops and shorts. My leggings and sweaters are all tucked away clean and ready for the fall. When did that switch happen? Does it even matter?

I’m reconnecting with my sense of home. Poppy seed muffins, home cooked meal every evening, morning routine, afternoon naps and gardening. These are the things by which I now measure my days. I trust that when the quarantine is lifted and I begin to return to my previous routines, I don’t lose this reconnection to home. 

Our lives should instead be measured by the passing seasons, how much the tree has grown since it was planted or whether the chill in the wind is warming, or if the squash is ready for harvesting? These are the things I will take from the quarantine. I will leave behind the fear, uncertainty, and speculation. I move forward with renewed hope, more love for the earth and gratitude for reconnecting with my sense of home and humanity. It does not matter what day of the week or month of the year. I am here exactly where I need to be, doing precisely what is most important – living.